What to Know About Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens are a popular choice for many homeowners. It instantly brings a level of sophistication to the space and it can create the impression of a larger space because there is nothing to break your line of sight.

These frameless shower screens are made of toughened glass and they can create a bright and open bathroom space. In small bathrooms especially, framed screens can make the space look smaller. And if your home is more in the line of minimal modern, frameless glass shower screens will fit in perfectly with the theme. There is also versatility to frameless shower screens because they can effortlessly blend in with the colours and the style of any bathroom. They will go with any type of bathroom fixtures because they will remain unobtrusive. This is a reason that many people tend to install them in bathroom renovations. The shower screen can easily match the existing fixtures while updating your bathroom and improving its value. And most importantly, it is a lot easier to clean and maintain when compared to other options in the market.

Frameless shower screens are a category under which there are many different types and styles available. There is the fixed panel shower where the separation between the dry and wet area of the bathroom is simply a single pane of glass that has a big thickness. These can be recessed into the wall of the tile by having an aluminium U channel embedded in the wall and the glass fixed inside the channel. If this is not possible with a renovation where breaking the tile can be expensive, you can use brackets to hold the glass in place. It is very easy to install the fixed panel shower screen as there is no door or panels involved. They can be installed quickly as well.

In existing bathrooms, showers are located in the corner and this will require an L shaped or corner shower screen. This is generally used in renovations. You can use a sliding door or a hinged door depending on your preference. If your shower is located between two walls, then you can have a frameless screen end to end with a door installed to access the shower. You can have the door in the corner or in the middle. You can also have a sliding door to save space in the shower. Otherwise, you can have a hinged door. You can check for companies in your vicinity that specialise in frameless shower screens to carry out the installation. It is best if you can have a representative visit the site to get an idea of what can be done and what designs are possible with the existing space. Generally, 10mm glass is used for the shower screen and it is a toughened safety glass. There is also crystal clear or low iron toughened glass used where the difference is that it doesn’t have much of the green tinge that you see with standard glass.

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