What to Know About a Concrete Pool Removal Process

If you own a pool and have decided that it no longer suits your lifestyle, you can consider removing it. This allows you to enlarge your backyard space. But you have to choose a reliable company to remove the pool and ensure the entire process is carried out with precision.

First, there has to be a thorough assessment carried out by the concrete removal and demolition company. They will send a team to your house so that they can evaluate the size of the pool and structure. By selecting a concrete removal company in your local area, there is some assurance that they will have a good idea of the local regulations they need to adhere to when it comes to removal. In some cases, a permit will have to be obtained. Make sure to select an experienced concrete removal company so that they will be able to rely on their knowledge and skills to determine the most suitable removal method for the pool. When it comes to concrete pool removal, you can either remove it partially or completely. In a partial removal, the concrete shell will be kept in place but the contractor will puncture the shell so that it allows for sufficient drainage. You can back fill this to ensure a stable level ground.

When it comes to a full removal of the concrete pool,

You will need to break it up completely and remove the shell. The concrete then has to be disposed of safely.The cost of removing a pool will depend on the size of the pool and the complexity of the process. Also, full removal will be more expensive because there will be more labour costs involved along with disposal.  Make sure you ask the company beforehand about their disposal methods and whether these are environmentally friendly. You have to research local permits and regulations that pertain to removal of a pool in your area so that you know whether you need to obtain a permit or not. The removal process can be very labour-intensive. You need to first drain the pool completely. For this, you can use a submersible pump. The concrete can then be broken up using backhoes or excavators.

The breaking of the concrete shell can cause a lot of dust

And noise so you need to check with the concrete removal company about the safety measures they use to control the process. Once the concrete shell is broken up, the debris has to be moved out from the site. The concrete can be recycled or disposed of. Now you will have an empty pool cavity. You need to find clean fill dirt or any other material suitable for this. The soil has to be compacted in layers so that the area will not settle in the future. This will also increase the stability of this area. If any utilities have been connected to the pool such as electrical lines to pool lighting or plumbing, these should be capped or removed by qualified professionals. You can then use this newly filled area to create hardscaping, landscaping or even an outdoor space.

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