Tips for Selecting Door Handles for the House

Door handles and door knobs should be considered when you are considering the interior design of the house. This is something that gets overlooked often when designing. But you have to think of the house and its many components as parts of a whole and all of them, even the smallest item like a door knob can have a big effect on how the interior design is perceived.

There are internal and external doors in a property. All doors need a variety of accessories to be complete. You have to look up door handles styles to get an idea of what is available in the market and what you can use in your home that matches the existing interior style. You also need to be consistent about the styles of door handles or knobs you are using around the house. You can’t have different handles for different rooms as that can create a lot of confusion and dilute the interior style. If you are working with an architect or interior designer, they will give their recommendation for the door handle. The design of the door as well as the handle has to be consistent throughout the home. The interior design will determine whether you are going with a traditional or modern design for the handle and the door. So if your house is a period house, then a minimal angular door handle will look out of place so you need to select an antique looking handle for this.

Modern designs for door handles have clean lines and geometric shapes. These have minimal design when compared to the elaborate detail in traditional door knobs and handles. The colour will be neutral tones and they will not compete for attention when somebody looks at the room as a whole. Traditional door handles are great for vintage interiors and period homes. Victorian homes are built with luxury in mind and the door handles have ornate designs that make them stand out. You will also need to consider whether you are going to select door knobs or handles for the doors. This depends on the appearance as well as the ease of using the accessory.

Door knobs are a timeless option and they are mainly used in period homes. But there are modern versions of these as well. So they are a very versatile choice. Door handles are easier to operate when compared to door knobs as you can grip the lever easily. So these are preferred when there are mobility restrictions. There are many styles, sizes and colours of door handles and you can find something to fit any interior. Some of the popular door handle designs are lever handle in backplate and lever handle on rose. You can find the former option with or without keyholes. You can use these in closet doors as well.  The latter style has a rounded or square shaped handle and they are great for internal doors. Mortice door knobs can be found on traditional houses but they are now being used in contemporary interiors as well.

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