Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home Interior

Everything around us are prone to wear and tear over time. The same applies to our homes and interiors. You may have walked into your home and realized the faded cushions or curtains and the dusty carpet.

Every few years or months depending on where you live, home upgrades are needed. It helps maintain the quality of interiors if they are cleaned often and the change of upholstery gives your home a new dimension. However not everyone has big budgets for upgrades so we have a fool proof list of items that are known to add a new, cheaper and easier way to change your home. Here are some of them.

Use the concept of light

A small change as lighting allows a whole new perspective to your room. This is why playing with different lighting fixtures are a great way to start. Try changing your lamp shades or central lighting. Add a Bauhaus lamp and see just how different it looks when it lights up a room.

Try experimenting with different lighting to see how they may work to add different dimensions to your interiors. Lamps add a cosy and intimate feel to the room while bright lighting are needed in dining rooms, study rooms or pantries and kitchens.

Add a wall of colour or vibrancy

A room can look very pale with all the walls being the same colour. So, what if you add a touch a colour or splash but changing the design or colour of the statement wall. If you are on rent or not allowed to change the colour of a wall there are other solutions too. hang wall paintings, ornaments or a statement piece to grabs the attention of those walking into the room.

Rugs or a carpet

Do you have an ugly stain on your floor you really need to cover? Or how about if you have the same shade of furniture and wish to add a different dimension to a room? Adding a rug or carpet go beyond just damage control, they add a comfortable and cosy sensation to a room.

This is ideal in bed rooms just under your bed. Who does not like sinking their feet into a soft rug as they get down from bed? Picking your carpets involves many factors such as material, size and how often you plan to use it. Consider the area you live in and how easy or difficult maintenance of it can be.

Change the upholstery

Colour is the easiest way to change the look of a room. Your colour palette will depend on your preference and the existing furniture and fixtures of the room. If you like minimalistic vibes monochrome colour schemes are a great option.

In order to add spice to blacks and whites a dash of red cushions or orange can really bring out the brightness. This might take a little mixing and matching to find the perfect balance but it will be totally worth it.

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