Selecting the best color for your exterior

Painting a room can be stressful, but choosing an exterior home paint color can be a little tricky.  In all aspects the availability of time, money this is a considerable task.  Luckily, a few carefully thought out steps can help you successfully tackle the task of choosing your home paint.

Choose the style

 You don’t have to stick to tradition, home style can give you some guidance in selecting a paint color for exterior of your home.  A sharp pastel palette will not work in a country house, and very dark colors will not look like a home.  Color experts, design bloggers, writers, interior designers, and designers use this advice, especially when working with classic architecture. You can get help from Melbourne painters to select a good color for your exterior.

 Consider the neighborhood

As much as it inspires your home, your neighborhood home will give you an idea of the color of the house. The place where you live will give you a starting point.

 Certain apartments and blocks of houses have similar exterior designs.

Go with the neighbors

When trying to lighten the color of your home’s paint, go for a walk and take pictures of the color palette you like or homes that resemble you. Standard colors are usually pure white and light brown.  White refers to pure, bright color schemes such as teal or yellow, gray and black.

Find your interior for guidance

Your home already has many shades to include in your color scheme: brick or stone on the foundation, window trim, even the roof.  It should serve as a basis for construction. Countless people don’t understand how static colors can affect paint color choices. You can’t choose the current trendy color that has nothing to do with what you already have, regardless of what you already have in the house.

Follow the rules of the color wheel

The most successful color combinations for the home use three colors  the predominant shade and two colors, one of which is sometimes more saturated or brighter than the other.  When in doubt, rely on proven color recommendations using the color wheel.  The same family shade like different shades of gray  works well and is called monochrome.  These adjacent colors work well together, as well as opposite colors, also known as complementary colors. If you have a muted earthy color scheme with muted undertones like brown and cream, go for a beige vinyl window. And decide a color for it.  A mud house with shiny white windows will always look wrong.

Above all, don’t be afraid to make the wrong decision.  There is a misconception that there is only one perfect color.  In fact, as long as you follow the rules, a palette of colors can make your home look great.  Decide which shade you’re working with, pick some color switches, paint some sample palettes, test in the sun, and you’ll paint the exterior. After selecting the best color for your house you can just paint it and wait for the spectacular finishing of the house.

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