Reasons to Choose Timber Outdoor Furniture

Timber is a popular material for outdoor furniture. It is a material that can suit so many different types of settings. It can be in a modern patio or a traditional garden space. But you need to understand that these come with a little bit more maintenance.

Wooden outdoor furniture Gold Coast can definitely make a statement. And there is an innate sense of warmth and a welcoming feel to this material. Wooden furniture is very durable as well. With good maintenance, you can extend their life even further. It is important to consider the type of wood and the quality of construction when selecting wooden furniture. There are softwood and hardwood types that you can select and these categories will have varying properties when it comes to appearance, workability and density. Hardwood timber has good performance and they are easy to maintain. They also have a high level of fire resistance along with a great appearance. Hardwood tends to be very strong and long lasting. Soft wood tends to require more maintenance compared to hardwood. But these are more sustainable and come with a lower cost. If you are looking for wooden furniture that is more affordable, soft wood is a good option. There are so many beautiful finishes you can achieve with soft wood and it can be used for elements such as feature walls, ceilings, windows etc.

The durability of soft wood is less even when they are treated so you need to keep this in mind when shopping for outdoor furniture. There are more choices when it comes to sustainable wooden construction so you don’t need to compromise your ethics when selecting wooden outdoor furniture. And they have superior strength compared to other materials. Versatility is one of the main benefits to working with wood. It will instantly uplift any space and it is so easy to create a cosy outdoor nook with timber furniture. Treated wood will do just fine outdoors and it can fit in with the garden easily and look as if they have been there for a long time. The warmth of wood will complement the colours of your garden and it can create a magazine worthy outdoor space. 

The resilience of hardwood comes in useful when it comes to low maintenance outdoor furniture. These will give you good value for money as you will be able to use the furniture for a very long time. You can treat the furniture in certain intervals to further increase it durability. You can wax, polish or oil the furniture occasionally. Otherwise, wiping the furniture with a damp cloth will be enough to get rid of dirt and dust. It is an accepted fact that wooden furniture looks very elegant no matter where you place it. And there is so much potential you can explore with this furniture. It can enliven a small apartment balcony and bring in a lot of warmth and life into the space. There is also a sense of effortless luxury with timber outdoor furniture.

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