Identifying When to Paint Your Home

Painting your house can be a significant endeavour especially if you have a large area to cover. Mostly, people tend to paint once every five years. But this will depend on the amount of wear that you can see. There are some visual indications that you can rely on to identify whether your house needs a refresh in the immediate future.

When selecting house painters Hawthorn East, you should check whether they carry out both exterior and interior painting. You should also select a painter who has previous experience with a similar project. They will be able to carry out an initial examination of the home so problematic areas can be identified and can be included in the quotation for accurate pricing. When it comes to house exterior, damaged or rotting wood is a good indication to carry out a new coat of paint. This will ensure it is protected from the elements. There may also be areas where you can see bubbling or cracked paint. When the paint peels away, it exposes your home to the elements and this can cause all sorts of damage. The house will be exposed to rain and snow and you may see mould or rot if this is not dealt with.        

You may notice water stains and mould in some areas. While some stains can be removed by a pressure gun, there are some stubborn stains that are impossible to remove. This is because there is deeper damage behind the stain. You can have a painter examine the stain to see what is causing it and how it can be rectified. You can treat most stains with a fresh coat of paint but sometimes you will need to replace the material when there is a lot of damage. Caulking is used to seal openings around doors and windows. If you see any small cracks in them, you can fill them in with fresh caulking to prevent water from coming in. But if there are larger cracks, you will need to replace the caulking and paint it.

Paint colours can fade over time after being exposed to sunlight. Exterior paint is also exposed o rain and snow which can further increase fading. When you notice this on exterior walls, it is an indication that the protection provided by the paint is failing. In interior areas, it can affect the aesthetics and your home will look outdated. You will be able to transform the interior spaces instantly. Sometimes, after living with the colours of your home for a while, you may get a little bored of seeing it. If it has been a while since your last paint job, you can check for painters in your vicinity that will be able to achieve a quality finish. Maybe you are looking to upgrade your home or increase the resale value by refreshing its outlook. You can work with an interior designer or a colour consultant to choose the right paint colours for your home.

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