How to Choose the Best Location for Your Hot Tub?

Getting things in their right locations is one of the secrets of a good home arrangement. From the room placements to the furniture arrangements and all the other features and decorations you put in your home, everything plays a huge role in making your home look beautiful and welcoming.

Adding a hot tub into your home is a great investment. Aside from adding value to your property, it also serves as an additional space where you could relax or even entertain some guests and loved ones. Whether it is an in-ground hot tub or a portable one, choosing the perfect location to place it has an impact on your overall home layout.

If you haven’t decided where to put your hot tub yet, here are some simple tips to help you figure it out.


Whether you’re buying a portable hot tub or building an in-ground one, it is important to choose a location that could easily be accessed especially when delivering all those bulky materials needed for a hot tub. If you’re looking for regular or Jacuzzi spas for sale Brisbane has some good shops that could cater to your needs. 

Base Support

A hot tub may not look that heavy especially the portable ones. However, when you think about the weight of the water that would be placed in it plus the weight of everyone who will use it at a time, you’ll realize that it needs a really good and strong base foundation because of the heavy weight it carries. A thick concrete slab with level surface is a perfect place to put your hot tub. You could also opt for other strong materials such as bricks or paving stones as long as it can hold the weight.


Since you’ll be dealing with a lot of water when using a hot tub, you need to carefully consider the drainage system and extra waterproofing especially if you’re using wooden structures around your hot tub area. Install a drain near the hot tub and see to it that the water is directed away from the spa. Also, don’t forget to apply sealant on the wooden structures to avoid rotting and mildew growth.

Ease of Use

Another factor to consider when choosing a location for your hot tub is the ease of use. When the hot tub is easily accessible, most likely you’ll be using it frequently and even incorporate it to your daily routine. However, if it is too far away at a corner or at your backyard, it may not be that inviting especially when the weather is not favorable.

Privacy and Comfort

Lastly, privacy and comfort are two important factors to look for when installing a hot tub. Find a location in your home where you and your loved ones would be comfortable using the tub. It all depends on your comfort preferences plus you could always install some features that add privacy like screens.

Choosing the right location for your hot tub is an important part of installation. Since you’ll be with your hot tub for many years to come, it is best to place it at the right location from the start to save time and effort.

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