How to Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

Having pigeons and other birds nest under solar panels is a common issue. This may not be a problem that you thought of when installing the panels. However, birds tend to prefer these spots under solar panels because they get a measure of protection from different weather conditions and predators. It is also shaded from the hot sun and they will be protected in case of rain.

Most of the time, solar panels are installed on rooftops that give nesting birds a greater view when it comes to looking for food and water. And once you have nesting pigeons, they will keep coming back to the same location as they are homing birds. And pretty soon you will have an entire family of pigeons who are nesting underneath your solar panels. While this may seem harmless, there is a lot of damage that birds can do to solar panels. When bird droppings on the roof are exposed to high heat of midday sun, there can be permanent discolouration of the panels and damage. Even bird droppings under the solar panels can be damaging as they will eat through electrical equipment due to its acidity. In addition to wiring, it will also damage the shingles and roof membranes. Also, it can create an unpleasant sight when there are droppings seen over the side of the walls.

Birds can be messy and in addition to the damage done by bird droppings, they will also nip away at the panels and the wires. You can contact a company for solar panel bird proofing Sydney so that they can come to take a look and propose the best solution for your situation. One way of protecting solar panels is installing a mesh. The mesh will be fixed to the edge of the solar panels and it will stop birds from accessing the space underneath the solar panels. The mesh will still allow for ventilation of the panels and you can easily install the mesh within a day when it comes to a domestic solar panel system. You will not need to carry out regular maintenance and this will not affect the visual appearance of the panel system.

Make sure that you select a professional to install the mesh because it is a tight space to work in and most of the time solar panels are installed on rooftops which can make working there risky. An experienced installed will be able to finish the process quickly. However, there can still be birds flocking around the panels. You can use spikes in certain spots on the solar panel where possible so that you can stop birds from stopping by. Most of the time birds flock to homes and gardens that provide food for them. So you should make sure that the garden is kept clean and no food is kept around the property. Your trash should be located in such a way that birds can’t access it. Whenever you see droppings on the panel, you need to clean it with some water and a soft sponge.

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