How Different Types of Glass React to Damage

Glass is used in many ways when it comes to construction. There are even walls and partitions that are made of glass. But while this can create beautiful aesthetics it can also increase the risks of damage as glass is quite fragile.

Whenever you experience damage to the glass or when the glass shatters or breaks, it is best to contact a company for glass replacement and repairs Melbourne. They will understand the type and specification of the glass that is damaged and will be able to provide a solution quickly and effectively. When external stress is applied to the glass that can be more than the strength of the glass, the glass can break. There are many reasons for glass damage such as inclement weather, accidents, break ins, major and minor impacts to the glass. Different types of glass are manufactured using different methods and therefore, the ways they can be damaged can be different. Standard glass can pose a lot of risks if it is broken. It is a type of glass that is extremely fragile and when the glass shatters, it will break into many pieces which can pose a safety risk for anyone nearby.

Safety glass comes with safety features and it will not break as easily as standard glass. There are two types of safety glass that you can install such as tempered and laminated glass. Tempered or toughened glass is a very strong type of glass and this is mostly used for commercial glass applications, bathrooms, glass table tops etc. Tempered glass goes through a process which subjects it o extreme heat and cooling. When this glass breaks, it will shatter into very small pieces with blunt edges so that it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone nearby.  Laminated safety glass will stick together when it is broken. It has a layer of laminate between two panes of glass. So when there is a break, the glass will stick to the laminate and stay together. You will see a spider web pattern when laminated glass is shattered. This is used for shop fronts and sliding doors.

Safety glass is recommended for residences and commercial property because it will not injure anyone were they to be close to the glass at the moment of impact. However, there are occasions when safety glass can experience spontaneous breakage. This can be due to thermal stress where the glass is subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations and uneven shading where the sunlight will not hit the window equally. When glass breaks, you need to contact a glass repair company immediately and investigate why the breakage occurred if it is not immediately apparent. This will give you an idea of how to prevent it from happening. In case of spontaneous breakage, you can ask the glass repair specialists how to avoid it from happening again. If the problem is shade, you can install an awning that will make sure that the glass is shaded from direct sunlight throughout the day.

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