3 Simple Ways to Organise a Small Bedroom Quickly

Due to space restrictions, and affordability, homes and apartments are becoming smaller and smaller to accommodate a growing number of people entering the home rental or home ownership market. Singles and small families are more prevalent today than a couple of decades ago. This growing phenomenonhas given rise to a host of space-saving household products, and products that do double duty – sofas that can morph into beds by night for example.

When organising a small space, 4 key areas take up attention, the bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom. Out of these four, people spend a fair amount of time and effort organising their bedroom as it is a place a lot of time is spent and where many of their personal belongings are kept. The need for bedroom furniture that can fit tight corners and spaces is a given and that is why people spend time looking at multiple options like DealSeeker wardrobes for dimensions that suit their space well.

Let’s look at some tried and tested ways in which you can organise your small bedroom to hold all your belongings and also provide you with a restful space to help you unwind, relax and drift off to sleep each night.

Declutter: decluttering is probably the first and most important step in organising your space. It is always easier to organise and arrange a few things. Take a look at all the things you have acquired over the years and place them in three piles, absolutely need, may need at some point in the future and don’t need anymore. The absolutely need pile can have items of sentimental value that don’t serve a useful purpose but are valued all the same. Take a hard look at your may need at some point in the future pile and decide which items you feel are outdated, broken etc. if you feel you still need them, place them for fixing and storage and donate what you don’t require along with items that you don’t need anymore.

Designate a space for every item: take an inventory of your furniture and all the other items that you want to keep in the bedroom like clothes, shoes, and books. Start with the large items such as your bed, wardrobe etc. and decide where you want to place them. Remember to place them in a way that doesn’t restrict movement – you don’t want to feel cramped. Then work on a storage system that works for you and your things –racks, drawers, and cupboards all help. What is important is that you arrange your things in an orderly way in these storage systems. Look for storage systems that can be placed under the bed, or behind the door to create a bedroom that is visually not crowded.

Arranging and cleaning: you may not realise how important regular cleaning and arranging is to organising a small bedroom so that it doesn’t feel cluttered. It is not enough to work out a great storage solution for your bedroom, without the discipline to place everything in its designated place after each use.

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